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Testimonials for the Guides

"Your Quick Guides are wonderful! A truly concise and useful tool for learning to date American quilts--easy to keep in your purse or glove compartment as you hit the tag sales. The organization is excellent--easy to read, with intuitive abbreviations of common terms."

Lynne Z. Bassett

"Well done! I wish a product like this had been available when I was first looking at quilts. At that time the only concise guide was the little pocket guide written by Helen Kelly - remember that?"

Julia Zgliniec, Appraiser

"Dear Kim,

Thank you so much for the Dating Quilts Guides! The amount of information in such a small space is astounding. They are very well organized and should be extremely useful. My husband attends many estate auctions without me and has often brought home quilting treasures, but just as often has bought items that miss the mark. These will serve us both very well."

Doris Goins

"Kimberly Wulfert’s Buyer’s & Seller’s Quick Guides for dating antique and vintage quilts are a useful tool. They are well thought out, the format is easy to follow and understand and the dating breakdowns are extremely helpful in providing a jumping off point for further research. I have found them to be very useful in my general appraisal work as I can locate a particular style or pattern by approximate period which saves me a great deal of investigative research time.

The size of the Guides makes them easy to carry into the field with me and the treated, tear resistant paper keeps them clean and dry so I know they will last through several years of regular use. The price of these guides also makes them attractive for even the casual user. One can learn a great deal about quilting styles and trends just by reading them over, it is like getting a mini class in quilt history.

There are several other quilt dating guides on the market, but I find these to be much more useful not only in size and ease of use, but the research behind them is reflected in the detailed descriptions of the most common characteristics of each period and style. In creating these Guides, Kimberly Wulfert has definitely lived up to her reputation of being an excellent researcher and quilt historian."

Barbara J. Pickett
Certified Personal Property Appraiser

"I received the guides this Tuesday which is remarkable considering the distance they traveled! I am really amazed at the speed of our respective postal systems!

Thank you so much for the two guides. I hold quilt documentation days here & although Canada has/had a slightly difference time line than the U. S., the date similarities are very close.

I will find these guides immensely helpful when dating the quilts we get to see.

Thanks again for creating such helpful tools."

Geraldine Logan,
in very, very cold Ontario, Canada.

“I spent a great deal of time this weekend reading through your date guides. All I can say is WOW. The amount of data that you were able to cram in those few sheets is amazing. And there was a thing or two that I wasn't aware of-such as the Tile / Streets of Boston style.”

Beth Davis, Appraiser, NY

“I've had an opportunity to look over the guides and I really like them.

I especially like the Quick Guide to quilts from 1900-1950's. It's very portable, and I love the fact that it's laminated! It won't show the man-handling it's going to get by being 'stored' in my purse, and being pulled out every time I pass an antique or second-hand shop, not to mention the yard or estate sales!

Thanks so much for both guides - they are a portable and indispensable resource for when I'm on the go!”
Diane Anderson, Texas

“I really like them; concise and to the point.”

Jan Thomas, CO

“The publications are excellent. Very useful.”

Charlotte Bull, MO

“The antique quilting guides look VERY thorough and well thought out. There is an immense amount of data and detail and I can only imagine how much time you put into it. Good job!”

Isabel Prusinski, OR

A review article by Judy Anne Johnson Breneman, Patches of the Past web site publisher -

“I want to tell you about some handy new charts that are out for dating quilts by style. They are designed to be carry along charts to be used anytime you want to be able to judge the age of a quilt. Antique dealers and antique collectors will find them very useful but they can be used in many other ways as you will see in my article "Charts to Help You Date Vintage and Antique Quilts by Style” at

WOW! Your wonderfully informative guides arrived safely and speedily today, June 28th, having taken just three days from USA to UK. Thank you.

I have already started reading them and shall be using the guides firstly to study my current quilt collection with fresh eyes and the advantage of more specific information. Then, as soon as possible, I shall be taking the guides with me to auction sales and flea markets when searching for new purchases.

I shall definitely be returning to your website to keep up with your researches and notice of future publications. I wish there was something similar on British quilts - plenty of cumbersome books on different aspects, but no all-in-one handy guides like yours. Of course there are many similarities and some joint heritage with American quilts. Same as Australia and presumably other former colonies where the original pioneers/immigrants would have taken their skills and these developed using the available materials, mixing together of former local traditions and eventually incorporating aspects of their new lives and differing resources and needs.
I don't know if I mentioned that I am interested particularly in American, British and French quilts and coverlets - mainly quilted but also just pieced.

Thank you also for your notes on faux antique quilts - very useful.
Marie Cecile Gemmell
Salisbury, UK

"I think they can be very useful, and certainly are compact, to anyone who is out "shopping" for sure. I love how each one is organized because it is easy to work your way through for sure and very easy to read and follow. Good for you for providing such a useful tool for someone who is trying to educate himself or herself on what they are seeing. I like that it is very compact and can be carried in our purses, etc."

Anne Copeland, quilt appraiser

Hi Kimberley,

I look forward to receiving your quilt style guides. I have loved and collected handmade quilts (American/English/French) for about 30 years and though I am quite knowledgeable, I am always learning and think your very clever guides will be most useful in my searches.

Kind regards,
Marie Gemmel
Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK

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